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tecorio - The Matching Platform
tecorio - The Matching Platform
tecorio offers an interactive platform for freelancers and owner of beverage and filling plants. This enables a targeted assignment of projects. This gives you the best of all possibilities: The best candidate for your job
tecorio - The ideal partner
tecorio - The ideal partner
Everything in a simple, fast and transparent way: Starting with the employment of the right freelancer up to the completion of the project, we support you in every step of the way, so that you can have only one thing in mind: Leading your project to success.

Our platform provides lots of advantages for operators

The best selection

There are a lot of freelancers in our database, therefore every freelancer gets checked so you can rely on excellent skills.

Your competent contact

Our support staff will be happy to help and advise you from the first contact to the end of the project.

Free registration

After the free registration, you can publish your project in a few easy steps.

High level of transparency

You always have insight into current and past projects of your company.

More convenience with less time reqired

A simple process and fast support will save you time and money. tecorio supports you with a lot of functions for job administration.

No additional costs

There are no additional costs for operators. The freelancer pays a commission fee for the use of tecorio.

Register now on tecorio and award your projects to qualified freelancers!

Do you have any further questions - we would be pleased to assist!

If you have any further questions or need additional information, we are gladly at your disposal - by phone, by e-mail or by using the contact form. We look very much forward to supporting you!